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If you are looking for information about making your own app, you are in the RIGHT place!  

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Do you have the next great app idea, but think you can’t get it made because you lack programming experience?   Do you want to learn how to create that iPhone app quickly and easily from some of the top iPhone app developers…..and get it sold in the App Store?  Keep reading…..


The  search to find a system to make apps is involved.  It is difficult to find all the information and guidance you need in one place. The printed books that are available are quickly out of date as this industry is constantly evolving.  The best program must take the beginner from start to sold….quickly.  The internet is full of information, but filtering thru all of it takes time, time away from getting your app built and sold.   The top reason people don’t get in the app business is they don’t realize how easy it is to make an app!  There is a misconception that it cost too much and it is too hard to take you app idea from start to finish.  Don’t believe it….all you need is your great idea, and the top app building tutorial.  


Think about it….

There is money to be made in this industry,  lots of money.. …

Fact: Apple App store generates $5.4M/day for the 200 top-grossing apps!

Are you ready to be a part of this industry explosion?


Did you know more that 50% of Americans own and use a Smartphone?  And because the cost of these phones are coming down, the percentage of Americans using them is going up.  And what do they download to their phones?  That’s right…apps!

So, the market is big and growing! What that means for you and me is this is the right time to learn how to create apps and make them available for purchase.


  • #1 Asked Question
  • Is it hard to make an app?  No…..but you need to remember that there are all kinds of apps on the market, some are sophisticated, and others are not.  It is you decision on what you want to build.  Just remember,  30 million apps are downloaded around the world everyday…..so there is a market for ever kind of app.

  • #2 Asked Question
  • Is a background in web design, computers, or anything related necessary?  No….but what you do need is an automated program that can take you step by step thru the app creation process.

  • #3 Asked Question
  • Does this require a lot of up front cash to get started?  Again….no, but you do need to find and use the right product and have a desire to succeed.

As you can see, there is NO reason why you shouldn’t get started right now on making….and selling….your app.   You now know it doesn’t take prior programming skill,  and it doesn’t take a lot of money…..it just takes your desire to start!  Go to iPhone Dev Secrets now and start your app business today!

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